Mary our model

Every time we recite the Angelus we should remember that Mary is a model for us of a soul totally abandoned to the Divine Word, because the Word of God became flesh in her womb.

The Angelus is not a prayer like any other one. It is the mystery of the spiritual life of a soul.

The God’s announcement calling the soul to a great dignity, the faith of the soul surrendering to this Word, the realization of the Divine Word in the Incarnation: “The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary…Behold the handmaid of the Lord…And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us…”.

These beautiful words do not concern only Mary, but each of us as well. Do we welcome the Word of God as such? Do we have faith in Jesus who tells us that He is the “Way, Truth and Life” with the same attitude of Mary, who welcomed the words of the Angel and became the Mother of God?
Let us ask Mary, special ID of the Rogationists, that every time we recite the Angelus we may enjoy Her same experience and like her to give birth to Jesus in our hearts, minds and actions.

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